Samsung Epic 4G Battery Life Tips & Tricks

Movie lovers will fall in love with the Samsung Epic 4G paints for it offers a broad four inch Super AMOLED display. The screen is anti-reflective, and does not smudge or gets scratched easily. If you are looking for a colorful and crystal-clear resolution with a HD quality viewing experience then the Samsung Epic 4G will impress you for sure. It is available with a 5 mega pixel camera and is pre-loaded with a 16 GB memory card. Samsung Epic 4G offers a better battery life in comparison to the EVO 4G since it makes use of an AMOLED screen which helps in reducing power consumption. However, users may still want to prolong its battery life.

So, if you don’t want the battery of your Samsung Epic 4G drained completely by the end of the day, you can take a look at these tips to improve your battery life:

1.      If the brightness level of the mobile has not been adjusted properly, it can lead to a drained battery. You can set your Samsung Epic 4G to adjust the brightness automatically.

2.      Turn off all the wireless applications when not in use. If you are not present in a 4G area, then it is advisable to turn off your phone’s 4G services off as this will only lead to wastage of battery power.

3.      Turn off the Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS applications when you are not using them. For this, you need to pull down the notifications menu from the home screen and opt for the wireless radio you wish to turn on.

4.      You can also change the wifi sleep policy to ‘never’. Therefore, after fifteen minutes of inactivity your wifi connection will enter sleep mode on its own.

5.      You can also consider lowering the screen time-out setting.

6.      Since Samsung Epic 4G runs on the android platform, it also allows you to use several applications at a time. However, it is always a good idea to run fewer applications in the background. Do not use applications which are not required by you.

7.      Do not use live wallpapers if you don’t need them.

The Samsung Epic 4G gives users the option of making use of a “Power Saving Mode” option. Therefore, your phone will automatically adjust the brightness level on the basis of the lighting available. It checks the darkness level of the surroundings and then makes adjustments to the AMOLED display brightness. The Samsung Epic 4G also offers you a ‘Battery Use’ feature. This helps you understand which services or components are consuming more battery power.

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