Samsung Droid Charge Desktop Docking Station Review: Sync & Charge

Samsung Droid Charge Desktop Docking Station Review: Sync & Charge

If you have a Samsung Droid Charge, read on, as this article will enumerate to you details about an important accessory for your handset – the Samsung Droid Charge Desktop Docking Station. Docking stations are essentially places where you can plug in your phone and make it much more functional.

The Samsung Droid Charge Desktop Docking Station, an accessory that is available in the guise of a multimedia desktop dock, has been popularizing itself with a catchword, “a convenient media player, and speakerphone – plus charge your handset and spare battery using the integrated battery charger behind the docking station.”

If you use this docking station, you would be able to enjoy a multimedia experience on your Samsung Droid Charge. This desktop would turn your device into a very convenient media player, desktop dock, speakerphone and the like! You can also use the Samsung Desktop Charging Cradle for securely holding as well as storing your wireless device regardless of whether you are charging your device at home or in office. If you need an alternative source of power supply, you are advised to use the Samsung Travel Charger that is included in the kit.

Now, let us turn our eyes to the features of Samsung Droid Charge Desktop Docking Station, a unique as well as a convenient option that can be used for multi-tasking as well!

  • Micro USB charging
  • Angled to ensure commendable media viewing.
  • Can be used as a desktop speakerphone as well.
  • If the handset is docked, it will switch over to ‘Docked’ mode.
  • Samsung Retail packaging.

This package includes a wall charger and desktop dock.


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