Samsung Captivate Battery Life Tips & Tricks

Samsung Captivate offers mobile web, messaging, mobile and multimedia options which are truly enticing. The gadget has created quite a sensation amongst mobile users, thanks to its striking design. It is as thin as an iPhone, and has quite a large screen, which makes it all the more appealing. It has a 480×800 Super AMOLED screen which offers bright and clear picture quality. Samsung Captivate allows users to customize and use widgets according to their convenience. Hence, the mobile phone offers more battery life when compared to the HTC EVO or Nexus One.

Samsung Captivate’s battery life is much better than the Nexus One or the HTC EVO, but might not be quite as good as the Droid X, which is the top of the class among Androids for battery life. Since it has a Super AMOLED screen, which is power efficient, you can use it for heavy usage and applications as well.

On the other hand, if you are worried about the battery life and wish to enhance it further, you can follow some of these steps for a stronger battery life.

1. Disable the ‘Always option’ for Mobile Data.
2. Remember to turn off the Wireless Network Positioning option.
3. Turn off the Bluetooth option when not in use.
4. Lower the brightness level of the screen.

5. Adjust the Screen Timeout and set the time to 1 minute.
6. Do not use Live Wallpapers as this affects the battery life.
7. It is always advisable to put dark wallpapers if the gadget has an AMOLED Display. This will only ensure that your device is using less power.

8. Turn the Wi-Fi option off when not in use.
9. If you feel that your phone is struggling to find a 3G connection then it is best to disable 3G.

10. It is important to use widgets only when you actually require them.
11. Do not stream applications as it will only affect your device’s battery life.

Samsung Captivate offers a moderate battery life. However, in addition to the above steps, you can also think of purchasing an extra battery for your captivate. The Captivate is available with a 1500 mAh battery. Hence, it does not allow too much heavy use throughout the day. Besides, the battery may not suffice if you use it for watching movies and playing games. Therefore, keeping an extra battery handy, especially if you travel on a regular basis will only help you. You can also consider buying a car charger and dock for the Samsung Captivate.

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