Rumors of a Possible LG Revolution 2?

Rumors of a Possible LG Revolution 2?

The army of high end cell phone models seems to be on the lookout for new recruits to join their force and the LG Revolution 2 will probably be the latest addition to this class. LG Revolution has been a widely acclaimed model, and its example will soon be followed by the release of its successor – LG Revolution 2.

A rumor about the release of LG Revolution 2 is doing the rounds right now. LG Revolution 2 will obviously succeed the LG Revolution. This model is expected to be another high end Android model featuring a 4.5 inch screen. This model is also expected to sport a dual core processor.

Although this model is yet to be released in the market, rumors point out that the LG Revolution 2 will host a capacitive touchscreen with multi touch, light and proximity sensors. Some of these rumors claim that this model will be thinner than the Apple iPhone 4 and HTC Vigor. It is also claimed that this gadget will use the 4G LTE network of Verizon. However, we do not have much information now as the model is still in the earliest stage of development.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for yet another significant release in the high end cell phone market.


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