RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

With the future of RIM shrouded in uncertainty after reporting unsatisfactory Q1 results, some people feel that the firm needed to do something to entice their customers back. Recently checking out the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9900, we found out that this model of Blackberry succeeds in attracting our attention to a large extent owing to its distinguished Blackberry looks.

In retrospection, we find that the original Blackberry Bold 9000 has indeed re invented the form of Blackberry. Since then, this design has been implemented in products by RIM. Although we have seen interesting models like the Torch 9800 and Blackberry Style, they also mimicked the design of popular designs like the Bold 9000 in some way or the other. If you hold on to the Blackberry model; Blackberry Bold 9900, I am sure you will be surprised to see its surprisingly slick get up! Measuring just 10.5mm, this is a smartphone with slim looks. It packs a 2.8” VGA touchscreen and a wonderful keyboard. Apart from the premium feel that this lovely Blackberry Smartphone commands, it also boasts of a chrome trim bezel that accentuates its eye-catching looks further.

The keyboard that comes with this Blackberry model is wide enough and it comfortably accommodates your thumb since the keys here easily provide you with sufficient response to make this experience as gratifying as possible. Furthermore, you are no longer required to depend on only the optical trackpad, as the touchscreen that comes along with the phone helps in making things more convenient. Moreover, if the platform experience is to be brought under consideration, I must point out that this would prove to be an extremely gratifying experience for you as it packs a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor with BlackBerry OS 7. It is very easy to navigate around the platform as the model has a commendable response.

If RIM is planning to appease its existing base of consumers, they are undoubtedly on track with the introduction of the Blackberry Bold 9900. Although the date of this launch has not yet been announced, praises about its appeal, class, and character are in the air!

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