Review of the Latest Apple iPhone 4/4S Dock Options

iPhones 4 & 4S are the best in a line of smartphones. The iPhone 4S offers richer multimedia and has camera with a higher resolution. This phone has a faster dual processor and boasts of a world phone capability feature which implies that a single handset works on both GSM and CDMA networks.

What with the latest Apple iPhone 4/4S Dock Options, you can now charge and sync your phone conveniently. The dock allows you easy access to a connecting port and not just that; you can also enjoy the advantage of an audio line out port which connects the phone to speakers. The dock doubles up as USB Power Adapter. Not only can you find different charging and syncing devices for the iPhone 4/4S, you can also find numerous other accessories for it as well by visiting Techie Warehouse.


Apple Universal Dock #MC746LL/A  for iPhone 4/4SYou want to connect your iPhone to a TV or speakers? Is charging your iPhone becoming tedious for you? Look at the Apple Universal Dock which is the only dock which is suitable for not only your iPhone but your iPod too. No more worries about buying a new dock or gadget to recharge your Apple device since the elegant box is the answer to all your problems. It allows easy access to USB port and is designed sleekly. This one is a ‘no-fuss’ accessory and also includes the Apple Remote, made in aluminum and black plastic, so you can control it from across the living room. The Infrared sensor in the front is pill-shaped and this dock can easily be connected to a computer, stereo system or even your television. The dock includes five adapters that fit your iPhone and your iPod. All you have to do is insert the correct dock adapter which fits your Apple gadget (iPod or iPhone model) and plug it in. Isn’t that neat?


Kensington K39257US Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone, Including iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S You have another good option in the Kensington Charge & Sync Dock which allows you to charge as well as sync your iPhone 4/4S even while you busy yourself working at your desk. The non-slip base makes it topple-free. It is small in size which makes it easy to carry with your laptop. The charger and sync dock is compatible with iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3Gs as well as iPhone 3G. Using the dock is easy and hassle-free. All it takes to charge your phone is a USB wire. It comes with a USB port in the back. The best feature of this charge and sync dock is that you can use it to connect your phone with your computer to charge it. You can even use any charger with a mini USB port to charge your iPhone with the dock.


Another good offer is a GSI Desktop Docking Station. This product is true value for your money and the Holder guarantees ease of use. It is versatile in use and sturdy too. Your iPhone will fit in snugly in this sleek design which comes in Piano finish. You can use this dock to hold your iPhone at the perfect angle and you can even go on to compose emails or notes while it is being charged in the docking station. Your phone gets charged and the blue light of this docking station is not disturbingly bright, allowing you to sleep blissfully.

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  1. Richard Romer says:

    I want to order a docking base for the Morphie juice pack plus when the Verizon IPhone 4S is in it. Will this device allow the Morphie and iPhone 4S to receive a
    charge? Will it fit the Morphie (and inner iPhone 4S ) without additional

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