Review of Sprint’s Upcoming HTC Evo 4G

by Erin Jones, TW Editor

Take advantage of Sprint’s first 4G phone that runs on Googles Android 2.1 system and includes 3G capabilities when 4G service is not available.  The HTC EVO features a 4.3 inch touch screen, which allows for the zoom in and zoom out feature at the tip of your fingers.  The HTC EVO not only includes an 8 mega pixel camera on the back but also a 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front with an attached ‘kickstand’ for standing the phone up on a table or a desk.  With its built-in wireless, this enables the user to connect up to eight different WI-FI devices to the 4G network  Other advantages of the HTC EVO include a multitude of enhancements which differ from the basic Android components.  The most popular is called the “friend stream” which allows users the opportunity to view their friends ‘Twitter and Facebook’ updates while updating their own on a single stream.

This phone weighs 6 ounces with approximately 6 hours of talk time, and comes with an 8 gigabyte microSD card supporting up to 32 GB. HTC EVO creators claim this phone to be the most advanced Android phone on the market today.  Not only does the phone include integrated GPS as well as FM radio, but also comes supplied with a multimedia charging cradle/dock as well as an in-car/travel charging cradle/mount. This allows the phone to charge in the car which activates a smart application named “Car Panel”.  This Google based application adds the extra benefit of maps, navigation as well as voice search to keep you hands free. Accessories will include, but are not limited to, a dock with HDMI out, which can be used to stream content to your TV using the cable attached in the dock, screen protectors and various kinds of shells and cases to protect the phone as well as a battery charger holster, which will be introduced once the phone is out for sale to the public.

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