Review of Samsung Galaxy S II Video Maker, Photo Editor and Apps

Review of Samsung Galaxy S II Video Maker and Photo editor and Apps

Samsung had released two applications for video and photo editing in the month of January, which were meant for the Samsung Galaxy S range of handsets. The Photo editor on the Samsung Galaxy S II is there on the gadget; however, it comes with a different interface. On the other hand, even the video editing application has been renamed Video maker. Here, take a sneak-peak at both the applications.

Photo editor: The picture editor is very finger-friendly. It is not easy to make accurate Photoshop-style actions by using the application. However, it does provide options such as selection of circle size and copying the selection to the current or another image, or even inverting it.

This application is well suited for cropping images and even making adjustments to contrast level, saturation and brightness. Besides, you can apply different effects to the image or area selected by you. For, example the application allows users to wrap, or add quite a few “laughing mirror” effects such as lens blur and ghosting. On the other hand, if a user does not find the result impressive enough, they can use the two redo or undo arrows located on the right side of the application.

Video maker: The video editing application offered by the Samsung Galaxy S II is very versatile. Thee application offers a combination of large and fast chip-set along with a versatile display on the gadget. The app allows you to select a theme for the project designed by you using the get-go along with different background music and framing for Home video, Party, Conference, Movie, Stage and Travel. Besides, it also gives the option of starting from a blank canvas.

The Video maker application automatically lists all the videos in your handset, which it is capable of editing. These videos are of 720p and below. Users will find a time strip at the bottom. You can drag a video clip that you wish to edit here and then begin inserting pictures after or before it. Users have the liberty to apply different transitions such as Emboss or Sharpen, Fade in-between, Trim and Split based upon their preferences.

In a nutshell, Video maker and Picture editor are great additions to the already fabulous Samsung Galaxy S II. Given that, Samsung has directly integrated them in the TouchWiz 4.0 UI; it will make your editing procedure even more easy and exciting.

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