Reports of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch Battery getting Hot & Overheated

Samsung Epic 4G Touch is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets that one can think of purchasing today. However, of late the battery is causing some problems for its users. A feedback posted on Android Central forum saw a customer bringing the matter to light.

The customer stated that his wife, who is currently using Samsung Epic 4G Touch, installed the Angry Bird game on her device. However, she gradually started facing a unique problem, wherein every time she tried playing the game, she found that after about 5-10 minutes the battery and the phone got overheated, forcing the system to shut down.

Seidio Nexus S 4G Innocell Extended Life BatteryThis customer further mentioned that the phone worked well when general or daily tasks were being performed on it but anytime his wife tried playing the game, the device would shut down on its own. Perhaps a Seidio Nexus S 4G Touch Extended Life Battery might help?

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