Pre-order Waterproof Cases and Accessories for Your Galaxy Note

Are you a surfer, biker, hiker, rafter and kayaker? Have you bought the new, sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy Note? If you answered yes, then you should very well consider purchasing some of the best accessories for your newly bought mobile device. In order to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note water-proof particularly when you are enjoying your water sports/activity, you can consider purchasing the DryCase Waterproof Case, as well as the Arkon Bicycle or Motorcycle Mount w/Water Resistant Case for it. Lets review them below:

DryCase Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy NoteThe DryCase Waterproof Case Samsung Galaxy Note is basically a transparent waterproof case that is very flexible and allows you to access your mobile phone or music player with ease and keeps moisture/water at bay. If you like indulging in water sports, then this case is ideal for you! This case is an airtight bag in which you can pump air and then seal it properly. The vacuum created by the air makes the bag waterproof and thereby ensures that your gadget is always protected. As a result, if you put this bag inside water, the contents of this bag will remain completely dry and safe.

Arkon Bicycle or Motorcycle Mount w/ Water Resistant Case for Samsung Galaxy NoteAnother accessory that you can think of getting for your Galaxy Note is the Arkon Bicycle or Motorcycle Mount w/ Water Resistant Case for Samsung Galaxy Note. This accessory is compatible with Motorcycles, Bicycles, ATVs and ATV Mounts among other vehicles. It fits handlebars meant for trekking and touring and even straight and drop handlebars. It features a touch through lens that is transparent and lets you view as well as control your smartphone’s screen easily.

To purchase these water-proof cases, or any other mobile device accessory, come on by Techie Warehouse now!

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