Portable Battery Packs for an Extended Motorola Droid RAZR Battery Life

If you are planning to acquire a Motorola Droid Razr for yourself, you can be sure to own one of the sexiest and sleekest Android phones ever. It has amazing features all packed into this casing which is just .28 inches in thickness and has two cameras to boost. Most of its body is as slim as an iPod Touch and it also has 4G LTE radio. What underscores in the case of this latest Droid smartphone is that it has a battery which drains faster, with so many applications to power during heavy usage.

But if you have been taken in by all its magnificent features then you need not worry as it as an extra app called Smart Actions which allows you to control which apps or tasks you want active and assigned to battery usage. Apart from this, there are Portable Battery Packs available for the Motorola Droid Razr’s battery. Take the Motorola Universal Portable Power Pack P793 #89442N for example. This pack is not only compact and handy; it does not add bulk as it is lightweight too. It can charge your phone to give it an extra five hours worth talk time. It has a provision to charge any device through a USB port. All you need is a USB cable. It is designed to be eco friendly and features the auto-shut provision which helps you save energy every time it is not in use.

There is also the Naztech PB6000 Dual USB Power Adapter w/ Built-in Back Up Battery which is compatible with the Motorola Droid Razr. You can use this accessory to charge two devices at once and with 6000 mAh it powers your phone to give it up to 48 hours of extra time.

Use any of these accessories to give your battery a pick up and use it for long hours while you are on the move! Come by TechieWarehouse.com to get good deals on these accessories!

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