Philips Fidelio DS3000 Desktop Speaker Dock for your iPhone 4/4S/ iPod Touch

Philips Fidelio DS3000 Desktop Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone

So you have finally upgraded and bought the amazing Apple iPhone 4/4S? With iOS and iCloud you can now manage your music content easily and seamlessly. Even when you are traveling, you can travel light with just your iPhone since now your phone supports audio formats like Protected AAC available from iTunes Store, MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, WAV and AIFF, along with many more! The Apple earphones do suffice when it is just you, who wants to enjoy the music on your phone, but what if it is a small get-together or luncheon at home and you want music?

Look at this awesome Philips Fidelio DS3000 Desktop Speaker Dock which is compatible with your iPhone as well as your iPod Nano and Touch. Whether it is your desk at work or your table top at home, this dock promises to deliver crystal clear audio quality which has never been matched before. It is small and does not occupy much space. In fact Philips promotes it as one of the smallest docking stations but in this case, size does not matter. This dock proves that good things come in small packets. The dock which weighs just three pounds is compatible with your iPod Nano and Touch too. It allows you to sync your phone with your computer even while the phone rests in style in the dock and you listen to good music. With this dock you have the option to either use the battery power or the AC power whichever is available. The dock boasts of USB 2.0 to help you sync your device with your computer. The total power output is 8W and it even features an aux-in facility so you can connect any electronic device now.

This accessory allows you to make the most of your iTunes and Apple devices. It even has the Dynamic Bass Boost which you can switch off whenever you want to boost levels to enjoy a consistent quality of music. There is a dedicated application for this device available on the Apple store and this device is highly recommended by Apple. This application enables enhances functions like sound settings, digital/analog clock, sleep timer and multiple alarm options. With the package, you get the dock, the AC power adapter, the USB cable, a user manual and the aux-in cable. Maximize the music with just a click of the button with this Philips Fidelio DS3000 Desktop Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone and pep-up the ambience any time and any where.

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