Pantech Burst Otterbox Commuter Case Review (P9070)

Pantech Burst P9070 Otterbox Commuter Case

If you are in love with your Pantech Burst, you would surely like to keep it new as you found it very first day after unboxing, To make this sure, you can go with the Pantech Burst Otterbox Commuter case which has been integrated with an impressive outlook. Besides this, here are some extraordinary features which are described below:

  • This case has been integrated with sleek and tough protection.
  • It has been designed in the form of protective layers.
  • It is available in both the black and grey colors and comes with the weight of 32.7g.
  • Otterbox PNT4-P9070 has been specially designed for Pantech Burst.
  • It comes with the self adhering crystal clear protective film which is cleanable with the cloth and also includes the installation card.
  • It has been designed in layers so the inner layer has been manufactured with the silicone material to absorb the shocks and bumps.
  • The outer layer has been manufactured with Polycarbonate which provides the ample protection against impacts.
  • This case gives the open access to all buttons and camera as well.

There is no doubt that the Otterbox Commuter case is manufactured with the impressive outlook but people perceive that the Pantech Burst after wearing two layered case would become bulky and heavy. The screen protection enabled the usage of dust covers to keep the phone safe from dust.

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