The Top 3 Best NEW iPad 3 Accessories to Buy Today – (3rd Generation)

New iPad 3 White

The NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) is out today and more than one million people will line up in Apple stores to endure the long wait for the latest mobile device in the post-pc world.

While making the decision to buy a NEW iPad is easy for most people who want it without hesitation; it can be challenging on which accessories to buy for your iPad only because you want the best at the right price. I’ll take the time to go over several of the Best iPad 3 (3rd generation) accessories you should own right away at a fair price below:

Magnetic Smart Covers

Smart covers are inexpensive (as low as $18.99), durable, slim and handy to own for the NEW iPad 3. The built in magnet activates the sleep mode instantly when you flip it closed. Acts as a natural Screen Protector (although it is still recommended you own one) and instantly cleans your screen when you close and open the cover. Lastly, the cover acts as a stand giving you a perfect viewing angle for any desk, table or flat surface. Also available in a wide range of colors!

New iPad 3 Magnetic Smart Covers

Screen Protectors

Just when you thought you were going to get away with a Smart Cover you also need to get a NEW iPad 3 Screen Protector which is self explanatory. You will protect your screen and hold a solid resale value since nobody would go out and buy a used car with a scratched up windshield.

NEW ipad 3 screen protector

Cases, Covers & Skins

Some people are concerned that a Smart Cover isn’t good enough and they need ultimate protection especially those who travel or bring the iPad to work. There are too many variances to consider what is the best NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) case so instead let’s just go over the different brands and styles.

You can either purchase a Silicone Case or TPU Case and both are great economical choices. Some of the finer brands you could go for are the Otterbox iPad 3 iProtection, Incipio iPad 3 cases, ZAGG iPad 3 cases and even the Belkin ipad 3 cases are a great pick. I don’t want to tell you because everyone has their own preference.

Otterbox iPad 3 iProtection caseWhile I could go on and on about different accessories for the 3rd generation iPad, the best thing you can do is check out our accessories and ask our TW Customer Care team any questions you might have about your NEW iPad.

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Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG Case Review

Ballistic HTC EVO Design Shell Gel (SG) Case - Black/Grey Review

If you love your HTC EVO Design, you would surely like to have HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG case for ample protection for your  cell phone. There many features which are induced with this case to ensure the complete safety of your mobile phone and are described below:

  • It comes with the well rounded and tough body.
  • This case is actually multi layered cover case like many other cases.
  • Its weight is 53g, length 131mm, width 70mm and depth is 17mm.
  • Only a black color is available.
  • It consists of 3 layers; the inner layer is also called the skin layer and is made of silicone to prevent the phone from scratches, while the outer shell has been manufactured with polycarbonate to absorb the bumps and shocks while the outermost layer has been integrated with rubber layer to absorb impacts.
  • It has been integrated with thick reinforced corners and edges to ensure the complete protection from impacts facing the screen.
  • The multilayered HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG case offers open access to all jacks and ports.

All of above described specifications ensure the safety of your cell phone. You would not only find the Ballistic SG case worth your money but also very durable and protective for your cell phone against scratches, impacts, bumps and falls over floors. Furthermore we have a huge selection of HTC EVO Design 4G accessories to explore.

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Where is the Seidio Active Cover Case for the NEW iPad 3 (3rd Generation)?

What we hope to be the ipad 3 Seido Active Case

The Seidio Active for ipad 2. Wil the iPad 3 Active case look something like this?

I’m sure many of you who love their Seidio Cases for their Smartphone would consider getting the NEW iPad 3 a Seidio Active case if they make one. So far there are no cases up yet on Seidio’s website for the NEW iPad just yet.

Once the iPad comes out for release on March 16th, this will give Seidio an opportunity to make their announcement in the coming weeks. So keep checking out our NEW iPad 3 accessories store for an announcement or send an email to Annabelle on our TW Customer Care Team for some insight.

Tell us below if you want the Seidio iPad 3 cases and if it’s worth the wait to you?


UPDATE 3/18/12: The NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) Seidio Active Multifunction cases are now available!

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The NEW iPad 3 TPU Skin Cover Cases Review – 3rd Generation

NEW iPad 3 (3rd Generation) TPU Skin Cover Case

To keep your NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) device safe and sound at low cost but with high quality, the NEW iPad TPU skin cover cases are ideal as they have been integrated with the the most cost effective and high quality material which gives your iPad many protection features. Let’s discuss them below:

  • TPU stands for thermo plastic polyurethane.
  • This material is like a flexible rubber but retains it’s original shape, no matter how much you mold it.
  • The TPU skins not only show the original appearance of your device, but also give it protection against scratches and impacts.
  • TPU skin cover cases are much better than silicone as compared to quality wise.
  • The very thing that urges people to purchase TPU cover is various designs and style patterns imprinted on it as well as it being one of the thinnest iPad 3 cases.
  • It is cost-effective and can be purchased at very reasonable rates.
  • It gives complete protection to the back but doesn’t provide full protection to front screen in comparison to some other cases.
  • It possesses the property of rubber also and keeps the device safe from impacts.
  • It can be acquired in different colors and styles.
  • The TPU skin offers all cutouts to jacks and other ports as well.

To keep your NEW iPad 3 stylish and secured from scratches and bumps, you should purchase a cheap and cost effective TPU skin cover. The cheap rate gives you the advantage to change your iPad TPU skin cover on a regular basis with other cases for those who want to make a fashion statement.

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Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX Seidio Surface Case is Coming Soon

After waiting for awhile die hard Seidio fans now are looking to get a Seidio Droid RAZR MAXX Surface Case for $29.99.  While there is no image released yet, most people who have owned a Seidio case know what to expect.

Will Seidio release the active case soon is the question we ask next? More than likely yes and the cases will probably appear within the next couple weeks. In the meantime take a look at some of the latest Droid RAZR MAXX accessories.

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