Otterbox vs. Ballistic iPhone 5 Cases – The Breakdown

The iPhone 5 Otterbox Cases offers good protection because of the following features:

• Otterbox cases have ample port protection on the tabs and doors that keep away dirt
that may damage jack and ports.
• The slip cover can withstand heavy usage and will always retain its shape even for
duration of two years.
• The belt clip will always keep your phone tucked away safely when not in use.
• The phone has a great camera access with no restricted view caused by the casing.
•Otterbox provides maximum protection of the screen even when placed on the table
because the screen does not come into contact with the surface.
•The interior shell made from solid plastic cushions your phone from drops hence
reducing structural damage

iphone 5 ballistic cases

Ballistic iPhone 5 cases come with a five layer protection unit. The following features make it a favorable casing for an iPhone:

• Inbuilt port and button covers.
• The ballistic case has an in built video stand hence offers a lot of convenience when
using multimedia features.
• The casing has a durable and rotating holster.
• The casing offers protection against scratches dust and finger prints hence the phone is
always neat.
• Ballistic casing has an in built screen protector.
• The phone speakers are protected by a water resistant mesh.
• The casing cushions a phone in the event of a fall with its shock absorbent capabilities.
•Ballistic cases come in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

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Preorder Samsung Galaxy Note Otterbox Defender & Commuter Cases Today

Sure seems like this year the release of the Otterbox Defender & Commuter Series for the Samsung Galaxy Note took forever! Now it’s almost finally here for those fans who are sincere to that little Otter that made Otterbox famous.

We also put together a wide range of Galaxy Note accessories to explore!

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NEW iPad 3 TPU Cases for Magnetic Smart Covers – 3rd Generation 2012

New iPad 3 case for Apple Smart Covers

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The iPad can be slippery to hold on to without an adequate cover. For those of you who own and love the Apple Smart Cover, have probably realized that without adequate protection for the back of the iPad you’re going to have scratches sooner or later.

Now we are introducing the NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) TPU Cases for Magnetic Smart Covers this is a very nice accessory that is compatible with your Apple Smart Covers that you most likely bought the day you got your iPad.

New iPad 3 case for Apple Smart Covers close up

The case is made with a durable flxi thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which are usually transparent and offer amazing protection. The best part is there is no interference with the magnetic capabilities of your Apple Smart Cover.

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NEW iPad 3 Silicone Soft Skin Cover Case Review – 3rd Generation 2012

New iPad Silicone - Blue 2

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The NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) is important to be protected from different scenarios of natural wear and tear from normal usage of the NEW iPad. Solid protection can be achieved by utilizing Silicone Skin covers for the NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation). There are countless benefits which are associated with the silicone skin covers and some of them are described below:

  • Silicone cover for iPad 3 is light weight and easy to fit on without scratching itself like some hard covers have been known to do.
  • This cover is available in different colors, but white is considered most attractive for the NEW iPad 3.
  • Even though white gets dirty easily, the Silicone covers can be washed with soap and water and even bleached to keep it new and clean.
  • It protects the device from scratches by placing on the iPad down on hard surfaces.
  • Silicone cover also protects the device from impacts, shocks and bumps should it fall.
  • It can be acquired at economical and cheaper rates for your iPad (as low as $17.99).
  • The silicone cover is designed in such a way that it gives access to all jacks, input places and camera.
New iPad Silicone - Cear 2

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The overall analysis proclaims that out of the majority of the NEW iPad 3 3rd generation accessories, the silicone cover presents value to be purchased for a medium level of safety. It is true that it cannot provide the highest safety levels which are achieved with the usage of multi layered cases like the iPad Seidio Active or iPad Otterbox iProtection Defender. On the contrary to these multi-layered cases, the Silicone has an advantage in its lightweight design.

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The NEW iPad 3 Seidio Active Case Review – 3rd Generation 2012

New iPad 3 Active Case back

New iPad 3 Active Case in Garnet Red Color

Like many other cases, the 3rd generation NEW iPad 3 Seidio Active case also provides ample safety to your device, but what’s more comes with this case to attract your attention by giving you more than protection? The Active Case is integrated with the lightweight material which offers you ease of portability. Here are some of the compelling features described below:

  • It is a dual layer case with corner protection.
  • It has been manufactured with the light weight and compact polymer to provide the precise adjustment for device.
  • It comes with the light weights of 3.5oz.
  • One of the extraordinary feature of Active case is that it has been integrated with the multi purpose cover, if the iPad is not in use it give the screen protection and it also serves as stand for device.
  • It has been manufactured with the built in stand which further provides different landscape and portrait angles.
  • To keep the NEW iPad safe from unwanted slips, the bottom has been integrated with the pads.
New iPad 3 Active Case stand up

The overall analysis of New iPad Seidio Active case reveals that it provide your device complete protection against bumps, shocks and impacts giving open access to all points at the same time. So be sure to come by to take a look at our latest NEW iPad 3 Accessories.

New iPad 3 Active Case front

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