Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Kindle Fire HD Tablet -Black Brown

The Amazon Kindle fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard case is one handy invention. It is very useful when it comes to protecting your precious Kindle fire HD 8.9 from damage due to dust, debris, liquid spills and even unprotected impact with hard surfaces. The case comes only in one color, Black Brown.

The size and make of the case has been designed to exactly fit the mentioned version of Kindle fire hence it is only compatible with this version. The exterior of the case is made of stylish and durable grain leather. This ensures minimum damage to the tablet in case the case hits a hard surface. The interior is dual layer and is made of synthetic premium leather to absorb impact shock and protect the tablet from scratches. The case also has a stand at the back to support the tablet while it is being used. This means that you can use your device while it is still in the case.

In addition, the case also comes with a detachable semi rigid Bluetooth keyboard which can be wirelessly connected with the Kindle fire tablet. To connect simply switch on the keyboard and press the connect button on it. Then use your tablet to search for the keyboard Bluetooth. Once the tablet finds it go ahead with the
connection procedure until it is successful. You can also remove the keyboard easily if you do not want to use it. You can purchase this case today at

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Ballistic iPhone 5 SG Shell Gel Case Review & Preorder

The Ballistic iPhone 5 Shell Gel SG Case looks like a replica of the ballistic tough jacket for the Ipad by is quite different in functionality though it has many designs from it. The case is made up of two cases even though the t is described as having three cases by the ballistic. The first case comes with a shock absorbent polymer which enclosed by a very hard shell and comes in a wide range of appealing colors.

ballistic SG shell gel cases for iphone 5

The following features make the ballistic shell gel case for iPhone stand out from other cases:

• The shell is well blend to offer maximum protection and leave ample room for styling.
• The case protects the phone feature leaving no room for exposure to scratches.
• The casing has exposed dock connector shed phone jack, volume button, lock button
and mute switch which makes it easy to use.
• The casing is ultra slim and easy to fit.
• The shell gel casing has a lay down cover to ensure that the screen does not come into
contact with any surface when it is place on the table hence maximum protection is
• The shell gel is durable and is easy to clean.
• To ensure that the phone does not slide down the shell has a firm grip on the hand
and offers no resistance when slipping the phone in the pocket.

Ballistic shell gel case for iPhone 5 comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from also come check out some other iPhone 5 accessories available.

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Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 Case Review

Long gone are the days of bulky cases for the iPhone accessories. With the introduction of Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 cases, your iphone can now look trendy and be well protected. This is the ultimate case for your iPhone. The casing is itself as slim as the phone hence reducing the bulkiness involved when carrying it around which is nice compared to the big Otterbox Defender that can’t go unnoticed.

iphone ballistic smooth casesThe Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone case ensures that your phone is well protected by:

• Having interchangeable ballistic corners.
• A very firm grip that ensures that your phone does not slip off your hand.
• An ultra small casing that adds no bulkiness to your phone.

Ballistic LS Smooth iPhone 5 case is available in many types of kits to suit your different tastes and variety. Every kit comes with a case and sixteen types of bumpers that are in pairs of four. They include:

• Charcoal kits
• Purple kits
• Hot pink kits
• Orange kit
• Teal kit

These kits ensure that your iPhone 5 never runs out of colors because you can match the color casing with your dressing or to match your day’s mood. The ballistic cases are in limited stock and it is advisable to an iPhone 5 owner to preorder on time before the stock runs out.

No Phone protection casing in the market can match that of iPhone 5 ballistic smooth series case.

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Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender & Commuter Series Coming Soon

Just like the wait you endured for the iPhone 5 is the exact same wait Apple customers will experience waiting for the iPhone 5 Otterbox Commuter or iPhone 5 Otterbox Defender series. As of today’s iPhone 5 release there is no ETA yet for the Otterbox cases but we hope to see them shipping out by mid-October so the classic “where to order the iPhone 5 Otterbox cases” will last another few weeks.

Marveled by it’s beauty Otterbox continues to outshine the competition in accessories and making durability and protection a priority at all times. Best of all their color selection is outstanding and you won’t regret the wait to add this to your arsenal of iPhone 5 accessories.

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Seidio iPhone 5 Surface Combo Case & Metal Kickstand Review

The Seidio iPhone 5 surface combo case & a metal kickstand is the ultimate protection kit for your iPhone. This kit is also referred to as the “SURFACE”. The surface comes with a slim case which has functional features like the metal kickstand. The following are the basic reason that makes the kit the ultimate protection kit for your iPhone 5 accessories:

• The metal kickstand which is inbuilt can be used to support the phone while viewing
photos, videos, calendars and clock display functions giving a hands free experience.
• When not in use the metal stand will snap back in position hence giving the user more
• The 0.12 cm thick casing enables ultimate protection for your iPhone by making it
scratch resistant.
• All the ports, cameras and speakers are easily available hence the casing has no
• The case can be easily taken off for cleaning with no much effort. This makes sure that
your phone is always clean.
• The casing has a very strong grip making it hard for your phone to slide off your hands
and fall off.
• Surface Reveal Hostel that comes along with the surface metal kick stand ensures that
your phone is always clipped in place on your belt, this is one gadget that ensures that
your phone is always safe.

The surface reveal holster should only be used with the surface case only and not any other kinds of case.

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