Google Nexus Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

   MiniSuit Bluetooth Keyboard Dock + Smart Cover Case with Kickstand for Google Nexus 7 (PU Leather)
When it comes to protective cases for tablets most manufacturers focus only on the practical aspect of hardiness, durability and toughness. This results in a dull looking case that is not appealing to customers. The Google Nexus Bluetooth Keyboard Case features the best of both. It features a durable and sturdy interior and exterior while at the same time putting emphasis on aesthetic value.

The case comes in a thin, classic and attractive briefcase style design. This ensures that every inch of your Google Nexus 7 tablet is protected from any kind of physical damage. The case’s exterior is made of hardy PU leather which ensures maximum protection. The cashmere interior is black in color and is firm to effectively absorb any kind of physical shock. The design of the Google Nexus 7 case ensures that the user gets maximum access to all the controls and buttons of the tablet. Be it the camera, volume control or power button they can be easily accessed while the case is still on.

Together with the protective case there is also a detachable Bluetooth keyboard which when connected with the tablet eases typing, chatting and emailing. The Bluetooth is easily detachable for whenever you wish to place it on your lap or on a desk.

For the desktop feeling, the case also doubles up as a display stand for the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The keyboard comes with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable. The case can be purchased at

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Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini Review

Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini Review


The iPad mini is now one of the most popular tablets in the market today. Its high quality features and design appeal to many people. For those who own an iPad mini it is crucial to keep it safe from a wide range of damages. The Otterbox Defender cover case for the Apple iPad mini helps you in taking care and maintaining your tablet to ensure durability and longevity. Below are some of the protective features of the Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini.

There is the silicone plug that covers the main openings into the tablet to prevent the entry of dust, debris, lint and any other damaging foreign object. The interior of the case is made of firm and turgid solid polycarbonate. This is used to completely surround the tablet and provide protection. In specific it absorbs shock in case the tablet is accidentally dropped or it hits a hard surface. The outer layer is made from durable 100 percent silicone which also effectively absorbs physical shock due to impacts.

The case also comes with a shield stand for the tablet to enable portrait and landscape viewing. There is also the screen protector built on the interior surface to protect the screen against scratches of any kind. This case is definitely very advantageous to people who are always on the road or for those with small children who can be very clumsy at times. The case does not prevent or restrict access to any control or tablet button so you do not have to worry about limited accessibility to your iPad mini. The case can be purchased at

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Best Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Inch Portfolio Case with Removable Bluetooth Keyboard

The 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet is yet another best from the giant technology company, Samsung. To help the owners of this tablet maintain their devices in top notch shape for a long time ‘Totally Tablet’ has developed a cover case that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

One very appealing feature of this case is the detachable Bluetooth keyboard that comes with it. This means that now you can easily and efficiently type, chat and email without the usual constrictions that come along with the touch devices.

When connected to the tablet you can use the keyboard buttons to control settings such as volume and media playback. The case itself is made of PU leather which ensures durability and protection of the tablet. The case exterior and interior prevents the entry of dust and debris which can damage the device. They also absorb shock resulting from impacts with hard surfaces. The case can be opened to become a display stand for the tablet and also a typing surface for the Bluetooth keyboard. So you are literally creating your own mini work desk.

If you are worried about the usability of your Google Nexus while the case is on, do not anymore. All tablet control buttons can be accessed while the case is still on. For travelers the case also comes with an built in rechargeable lithium battery which ensures that you can use your keyboard for longer. You can purchase this case at

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9,Kindle Fire HD Tablet -White/Red
The Amazon Kindle fire HD 8.9 Bluetooth Keyboard case is one handy invention. It is very useful when it comes to protecting your precious Kindle fire HD 8.9 from damage due to dust, debris, liquid spills and even unprotected impact with hard surfaces. The case comes only in one color, White Red.

The size and make of the case has been designed to exactly fit the mentioned version of Kindle fire hence it is only compatible with this version. The exterior of the case is made of stylish and durable grain leather. This ensures minimum damage to the tablet in case the case hits a hard surface. The interior is dual layer and is made of synthetic premium leather to absorb impact shock and protect the tablet from scratches. The case also has a stand at the back to support the tablet while it is being used. This means that you can use your device while it is still in the case.

In addition, the case also comes with a detachable semi rigid Bluetooth keyboard which can be wirelessly connected with the Kindle fire tablet. To connect simply switch on the keyboard and press the connect button on it. Then use your tablet to search for the keyboard Bluetooth. Once the tablet finds it go ahead with the connection procedure until it is successful. You can also remove the keyboard easily if you do not want to use it. The case can be purchased at

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Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case Combo Review

Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini BlackThe Apple iPad mini is one of the greatest and most innovative inventions from the technology giant Apple. The tablet like any other device is highly susceptible to damage by dust, debris and unprotected impact with hard surfaces. That is why Poetic, an Exact Design Inc Brand has decided to come up with a way of protecting the mini from damage. The Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Case is more than just a protection case.

Its primary purpose is however to provide cushion for the iPad in case of impact with hard surfaces. This is achieved by the leather like, slim and durable high grain cover. The cover also protects against scratches and entry of dust and debris.

In addition to the leather like cover for protection the whole case also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard attached. For those whom the ‘touch technology’ is not especially appealing, the keyboard is a major advantage. The keyboard is attached to the inside of the case using magnets which means that you can easily remove the keyboard when you want.

Connecting the keyboard with your tablet and other Bluetooth devices is quite easy. The keyboard also has anti-spill keys ensuring minimal damage in case of an accidental liquid spill. It also has rubberized keys to make sure that the tablet screen does not get scratched when the case is closed. It is important to note that the iPad features are fully accessible with the case still on. Also the case can be used as stand for the tablet.

The whole case weighs 13.6 ounces and can be purchased at It comes with a three year warranty from Poetic.

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