Otterbox vs. Ballistic iPhone 5 Cases – The Breakdown

The iPhone 5 Otterbox Cases offers good protection because of the following features:

• Otterbox cases have ample port protection on the tabs and doors that keep away dirt
that may damage jack and ports.
• The slip cover can withstand heavy usage and will always retain its shape even for
duration of two years.
• The belt clip will always keep your phone tucked away safely when not in use.
• The phone has a great camera access with no restricted view caused by the casing.
•Otterbox provides maximum protection of the screen even when placed on the table
because the screen does not come into contact with the surface.
•The interior shell made from solid plastic cushions your phone from drops hence
reducing structural damage

iphone 5 ballistic cases

Ballistic iPhone 5 cases come with a five layer protection unit. The following features make it a favorable casing for an iPhone:

• Inbuilt port and button covers.
• The ballistic case has an in built video stand hence offers a lot of convenience when
using multimedia features.
• The casing has a durable and rotating holster.
• The casing offers protection against scratches dust and finger prints hence the phone is
always neat.
• Ballistic casing has an in built screen protector.
• The phone speakers are protected by a water resistant mesh.
• The casing cushions a phone in the event of a fall with its shock absorbent capabilities.
•Ballistic cases come in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

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