Otterbox Defender & Commuter Cases for Droid Bionic by Motorola Released

Droid bionic Otterbox Commuter & Defender Cases

The long wait for the Droid Bionic by Motorola ended this morning. Fans have flocked over to Verizon Wireless shelling out nearly $700 for their new Bionic. Yes, that’s right its no longer an HTC Thunderbolt world… the Bionic has arrived and is here to stay for now until Apple unleashes the iPhone 5.

We put together some basic questions we have received from customers so far about the Droid Bionic Otterbox Cases:

1) Will the Otterbox work with the Droid Bionic Extended Battery? Absolutely not.

2) Do you guys know if the Droid Bionic will support the HD Station with the case on? No, unfortunately the Bionic Otterbox cases will not support the Motorola HD Station or the Standard Docking Station.

3) What’s the best way to prolong the Droid Bionic’s battery life if I can’t get a Bionic Extended Battery with my Otterbox Case? Consider the Motorola Portable Power Pack a popular pick among our customers.

4) Where can I buy the Droid Bionic Defender Series by Otterbox? Shop for them at our store we have the Droid Bionic Otterbox Defender & Commuter.

5) Should I buy the Otterbox Defender for my Droid Bionic? If you have ever broken one of your phones in the past by dropping it or simply by rigorous wear and tear then yes we recommend purchasing the Droid Bionic Otterbox Defender Series.

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