Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini Review

Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini Review


The iPad mini is now one of the most popular tablets in the market today. Its high quality features and design appeal to many people. For those who own an iPad mini it is crucial to keep it safe from a wide range of damages. The Otterbox Defender cover case for the Apple iPad mini helps you in taking care and maintaining your tablet to ensure durability and longevity. Below are some of the protective features of the Otterbox Defender Case for iPad Mini.

There is the silicone plug that covers the main openings into the tablet to prevent the entry of dust, debris, lint and any other damaging foreign object. The interior of the case is made of firm and turgid solid polycarbonate. This is used to completely surround the tablet and provide protection. In specific it absorbs shock in case the tablet is accidentally dropped or it hits a hard surface. The outer layer is made from durable 100 percent silicone which also effectively absorbs physical shock due to impacts.

The case also comes with a shield stand for the tablet to enable portrait and landscape viewing. There is also the screen protector built on the interior surface to protect the screen against scratches of any kind. This case is definitely very advantageous to people who are always on the road or for those with small children who can be very clumsy at times. The case does not prevent or restrict access to any control or tablet button so you do not have to worry about limited accessibility to your iPad mini. The case can be purchased at

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