NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-fi Bass Sonic Headset Review for iPhone 4S

There are many multiple headset qualities out there in the market. With many websites selling mobile phone and accessories, getting one for you will not prove to be difficult or time consuming. What is advised though is that you should first research about the right accessory which is compatible for your iPhone 4S.

NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-fi Bass Sonic Headset for iPhone 4SIf you own an iPhone, you might want to know more about headsets compatible with your phone. The NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-fi Bass Sonic Headset for iPhone 4S is a great headset for your phone. It not only promises but delivers a great stereo quality and awesome clarity. It is a notch above the standard headsets because it delivers a stereo sound which is bass driven. It reproduces deep bass and even impresses with lower bass notes without distorting them. It is equipped with a lanyard which offers additional safety and support.

This headset is ideal for those who are serious about their music and can discern bass notes. It comes with ear adapters in three sizes being large, middle and small. The headset is easy and convenient to carry since the package includes a carrying pouch. The cable is asymmetrical and hence there is minimal clutter and tangles. The speaker size of the headset is around 15mm and the product weighs light too. The length of the cable is also reasonable at 125mm.

What impresses the most about this headset from NoiseHush is that it delivers a bass response along with a mid level high range sound which is crystal clear. The bass beats emanating from the earphones are also heart pounding and can make even two left tapping away in pleasure. With a call send and end button and a microphone, you can never go wrong if you opt for the NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-fi Bass Sonic Headset for your iPhone 4S.

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