NEW iPad 3 Smart Cover Review – 3rd Generation 2012

new ipad 3 smart covers

The NEW iPad 3 Smart Cover is the simplest and most multifunctional cover in the industry. Whoever thought something so thin and light could do so much for your NEW iPad 3. The cover promotes energy savings with it’s built in magnets. As soon as you’re done with the NEW iPad 3, just slip the cover across the screen and it will instantly shut your screen off promoting an extended battery life.

Made with a microfiber lining that also keeps your screen clean. The cover has built in hinges and into three parts, which allows a triangular shape to support the NEW iPad 3 while typing, watching Netflix, and typing on iWorks.

Fitting is superior and if we remember Steve Jobs once said “think of them as one device” as he was proud to say the Smart Covers were built alongside the iPad during design and production phases.

Do I recommend the NEW iPad 3 Smart Cover? I think it is suitable for those who use the iPad at home and do not travel frequently. This cover was proven to be an excellent accessory for the iPad 2. One of the biggest issues was that Apple wanted $39.99 for a Smart Cover, something so small and simple was that expensive? Fortunately today there are generic brands that make the covers in the exact same quality as the Apple OEM for half the price. We specialize in finding economical NEW iPad 3 accessories so take a look around at our nice selection.

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