NEW iPad 3 Otterbox iProtection Defender Case Review – 3rd Generation

If you are intending to keep your NEW iPad 3 safe, it is obvious that you would like to search for the best case to keep your iPad new and fully protected so it holds a good resale value. If you are not familiar with the Otterbox cases, we suggest that you should utilize the NEW iPad 3 iProtection Otterbox Defender Case. Some of the key benefits regarding the usage of Defender case is described below:

  • The Defender series is a multi layered case and manufactured with the high quality material in the industry.
  • The inner layer of the iPad Defender Series case has been manufactured with a polycarbonate material which further includes an interior foam to absorb the severe shocks.
  • The outer case has been manufactured with the quality material of silicone so that it may absorb the exterior shocks and bumps easily.
  • It has been manufactured with a built in screen protector which prevents the iPad from smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.
  • It provides easy access to all functions such as the iPad Dock Connector, Charging port and 3.5mm jack etc.
  • The case acts as a kickstand case with it’s built in shield stand allowing it to sit in landscape or portrait modes.
  • The shield has been integrated with magnets, which lets the device to go in sleep mode whenever the cover is closed a major plus and a concept borrowed from the NEW iPad 3 Smart Covers.
Otterbox iProtection Defender Series for NEW iPad 3

Overall, the New iPad iProtection Otterbox Defender case is worth every dollar spent to protect your iPad from bumps, impacts, shocks and scratches. We also have a huge selection of NEW iPad 3 accessories so be sure to check it out.

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