NEW iPad 3 Extended Battery Case Doubles Battery Life

The latest extended battery case for the NEW iPad 3rd generation has made it’s way up to our best selling case for the iPad 3. The case fits onto the back of the iPad to be a nice sturdy and form fitting protective case and is a fantastic addition to our NEW iPad 3 accessories (3rd gen).

Front View of New iPad Case

I could not part ways with the extended battery life. The overall feel, look, weight and style of the case was very appealing.


  • Extended Battery power of 9000 mah, will double your battery life.
  • This is guaranteed to get you through the day with non stop use.
  • Built in LED Battery indicator lights.
  • Durable slim profile
  • The extra weight is noticeable but tolerable

Battery Life

I can guarantee this gives you immaculate battery life, in fact I found myself using the NEW iPad a little too much. For some numbers to think about, I didn’t have to charge it until the 3rd day and got 22 hours of battery life rounded up.

Horizontal View of New iPad Case

 Design and Fit

This durable case has a low profile and slim design and the soft touch finish offers a solid grip. I never had to worry about the iPad slipping out of my hands as I walked around the warehouse. The build quality is excellent and provides all the protection the average iPad user needs. Best of all, it sports a heavy duty stainless steel kickstand to watch the iPad in portrait or landscape views.


The average user who plays games, answers emails, FaceTime, iPhotos and iWork on the go might want to consider getting the case. I find myself feeling a little hassled when I spend 5 minutes trying to figure out where I’m going to plug the iPad charger in to charge overnight for my next flight out. The Extended Battery case eliminates the concern of getting a low battery at some point in your day. Most iPad power users will only need to charge every 3-4 days.

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