Naztech Universal Dashboard and Window Mount for BlackBerry Bold 9900

Being the owner of a prized device like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, you are always perturbed about its protection; especially when you are driving your car. There is a high chance that the device might get damaged if the car encounters a sudden jerk or gains speed. To avoid this mishap, it is essential to get a proper car mount that would provide adequate protection to your gadget while you can concentrate on your driving. Moreover, the mount should be designed in such a way that it will allow you to access various features and applications of your mobile device like the GPS application or maps without removing it from the car mount. Try out the Naztech Universal Dashboard and Window Mount for your BlackBerry bold 9900!

Naztech Universal Dashboard and Window Mount for BlackBerry Bold 9900The Naztech Universal Dashboard and Window Mount for BlackBerry Bold 9900 is equipped with a rotating head that enables you to view your mobile device in both portrait as well as landscape mode.  The flexibility of the head allows you to change the position of the device with only one hand. The materials that goes in constructing this accessory retains anti-skid qualities, which provides a firm base for mounting. Thus , with your device placed in this car mount, you can be assured of complete security as it will never slide or fall down when your car encounters a sudden jerk or bump. Interestingly, this accessory can also be positioned at the windshield of your car. So, place it on the dashboard or on the windshield according to your convenience and get complete access to your device.

It is quite simple to install this car mount and if required, it can also be removed and placed in another car. This also reduces chances of theft or robbery. The car mount is technically designed to tightly hold your mobile device, protecting it in a moving car. However, a little push at the Push button can release your phone from its tight grip. With its unique and useful features, it is indeed a very useful accessory for your Blackberry Bold 9900.

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