Motorola Xoom Power & Charging Requirements: No USB

Almost everyone is looking forward to the launch of Motorola Xoom. The device offers some really exciting features such as Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a front and rear facing camera and Adobe flash player. In addition to this, what you will love the most about this tablet is its 10.1 inch wide screen. However, Motorola has already made it clear through its manual that Xoom cannot be charged via USB.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy the tablet then remember that you will only have to make use of the charger that comes with the tablet itself. You simply cannot make an attempt to connect a charger to the USB port, as the USB port can be used for transferring data only.

Motorola has also introduced a car charger which already has a proprietary plug. This clearly implies that you cannot make use of the single micro USB charger to charge your XOOM and other gadgets introduced by the company. You will instead have to carry another charger anytime you are planning to travel.

One of the reasons behind this is that Xoom has a large screen size and the existing micro USB port does not have the required capacity that can help you charge it completely. Motorola was not looking to force users to spend more money, and hence they used the same battery for Xoom as was used for designing Droid, Droid 2 and the Droid 2 Global. This has only helped consumers save a lot of money. Motorola had kept the hardware design of Xoom in mind and hence the company decided to have this particular power port design for Xoom.

However, given that most of the consumers and especially the ones who travel on a regular basis, USB charging would have only come as an added advantage. But since Xoom has a huge battery wallop, it cannot be charged via a USB @ 500mA alone.

So, if you are a battery hog, then don’t worry about this USB problem. Instead, make use of the original charger that is provided with Xoom when you purchase it. This charger will only optimize the longevity of your Xoom’s battery further.

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  1. Ting Fong Niem says:

    I’ve tried for some time to find a usb battery charger that will charge the xoom. And I think I finally found one. It’s the RUC 6181 put out by Rosewill. Has anyone try it? Please try to shed on this if you have. Thanks.

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