Motorola Droid X Battery Life Tips and Tricks

Motorola Droid X Mobile Phone has been received well by users who are fond of having multiple applications in their sets. Built on the Android Platform, the set runs on the Android 2.1 operating system. The phone is being appreciated for its attractive TFT screen which is 4.3 inch wide. Another reason behind its popularity is its 8MP camera, which allows users to digitally zoom and enjoy functions such as auto focus and LED flash. If you are looking for outstanding picture quality then, Motorola Droid X can be a safe bet.

The Motorola Droid X is available with a standard battery (Li-Po 1540 mAh). However, if you continue to use the battery for heavy applications then the battery life will get affected. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy a long battery life, then you can consider the following steps:

1. Set the ‘data timeout’ option in the off-peak section to fifteen minutes. This will give you the liberty to use applications such as email, text, weather and sports among others on a regular basis without affecting the battery life.

2.Put the battery on ‘smart’ mode.

3.Go to the data delivery option and uncheck the ‘background data’ button.

4.Go to the wifi settings option and click the menu button. After this, go to the ‘Advanced’ option, where you will find the wifi sleep policy option. Select the ‘Never’ option and enjoy longer battery life.

5.Turn the Bluetooth and wifi applications off when you are not using them.

6.Always opt for a shorter duration when you set the backlight options.

7.Users can also consider lowering their display brightness.

In addition to the above, you can also think of purchasing an extra capacity door and battery which is easily available for Droid X. You can pick the Ex Capacity battery BH6X and Ex capacity battery door SJHN0449A. Users can also consider built-in tools available in DROID X to extend the battery life of their sets.

1. Power Control Widget

This provides users with a snapshot of the tools which could be affecting the battery. The widget has the ability to turn on/off many features including, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Synchronization, Location (GPS), and adjust Display Brightness, which helps save battery.

2. Battery Manager Feature

This feature allows you to check those applications or features which are extracting the maximum output from your battery. Users can also use it to do an automatic or manual selection of battery saving profile options.

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