Motorola Droid Bionic Standard Dock Review


Motorola DROID Bionic Standard DockAre you eager to start using your Droid Bionic smartphone in your car or desk? Motorola brings for you a dock which can help you out in case you want your model to fulfill both these roles.

The Standard Dock for Motorola Droid Bionic enjoys similarity with the HD Station dock. However, rather than allowing you to go in for a webtop experience, this model is more or less confined in offering you a simple charging dock. Do not worry, even though the functionality of this dock primarily lies in charging your model, it will charge your smartphone in style. In addition, this model will also provide you with some other additional benefits as well.

This dock will allow you to position your Droid Bionic in a slightly tilted manner, just as you place it in a cradle. You may be wondering – what is notable about this dock apart from the fact that this will hold on to your device and charge it? Well, this dock has the capacity to transform your model into an alarm clock and also acts as a productivity assistant. Moreover, this model also hosts an audio out port at its rear. This will help you to connect a pair of speakers to your dock, thereby transforming your model into an audio center.

Motorola Standard Dock for Droid Bionic. Although the name of this dock appears simple enough to mislead everyone, you can use this model to charge your Motorola Droid Bionic. Although this is the very first function that I chose to name here, this is just the beginning. This model will not just charge your handset, but as I already said, will work as your assistant. Fitted with ESP technology, this dock has the capability to remember your settings. For example, before going to sleep at night, just place your handset into the dock. This standard dock will instantly transform itself into an alarm clock without requiring you to do anything and remember your wake up alarm settings as well!


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