Kindle Fire Extended Battery Packs for Portable Emergency Charging

Although the wait was long, finally you can acquire your own Kindle Fire tablet now! It is not only cheaper than iPad, you can even purchase many value-added accessories to better the performance of this 7” multi touch tablet. Although the battery is improved than the earlier tablets from the same maker, since you will have Flash running on the tablet, you just might need to protect your tablets against drained batteries. This is why you must know about the many Kindle Fire Extended Batteries which are available now!

The Naztech 1900mAh MicroUSB Back Up Battery Pack  is an ideal extended batter which can stand by you during any emergencies. It is a 1900 mAh battery pack which is compatible with all micro USB chargers. It is lightweight and compact and hence you can easily carry it on long flights in your laptop or tablet bag. It even fits easily into your pockets or purse.

Apart from the 1900 mAh battery pack, Naztech has other extended batteries for your Kindle Fire like the Naztech Extended Life Battery Pack Charger. This is a must-carry if you are going to use your tablet on a long flight. It powers your device three times more than a normal charger. It even features a built in flashlight and a battery indicator. You can use recharge the device’s battery pack either from a computer, a vehicle adaptor or a normal wall electricity outlet.

The Naztech Universal USB Power Bank PB2200 is reliable and compact. You can charge your device even while you are on the move or are travelling. It extends the battery life of your Kindle Fire and has the capacity of 2200 mAh power.

Naztech PB6000 Dual USB Power Adapter w/ Built-in Back Up Battery helps you to charge two devices at a go since it comes with two USB ports. It contains a rechargeable, lithium polymer battery which offers you about 48 extra hours of gaming.

Apart from Naztech, you have options in the Monaco Solar & USB Powered Backup Battery and Charger which boasts of a power capacity of 1800mAh and is an environment friendly option being a solar charger. You can even opt for the Motorola Universal Portable Power Pack or the Celltronix Universal Rechargeable Dual USB Portable Power Pack.

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