Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset-Black Promotional Headset Review

Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset - Black Promotional Headset

The Jawbone II Bluetooth Headset- Black Headset is indeed a great innovation in the industry of mobile headset. It has set a new standard for voice clarity of mobile devices. NoiseAssassin, a technology by Jawbone was first launched for military personnel. As these military personnel live in extreme conditions, this particular technology was introduced to help them in times of emergency. This particular device removes noise of the background from conversations over the cell phone. Jawbone has a special feature as it is the sole Bluetooth headset equipped with Voice Activity Sensor (VAS). This Sensor receives the speech thereby helping Jawbone to differentiate the voice from the noise of the background. The new black Jawbone Bluetooth is very popular and is regarded as one of the best Bluetooth available in the market.

This new kind of Jawbone is about 50 percent less small compared to the original Jawbone, which won the award for offering four hours of talk time. It has three ear buds along with four ear loops. These buds provide comfort and a brilliant fit. Compared to Noise-Assassin technology, which was developed after a long period of research about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) the Jawbone’s technology removes real noise much better. It is far more superior to other competing headsets as this is the sole hands free accessory perfectly separating human voice from close noise. It is designed with an outstanding ability to eliminate noise from the environment like busy and loud streets with the hustle and bustle of cars, buses, shops etc. Noise-Assassin has two features, which is unique to Jawbone. One is the Voice Activity Sensor and the other is the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. Jawbone is the one and only Bluetooth device with a Voice Activity Sensor, which feels the vibration of the voice from the jaw. In this way, the Jawbone with the help of this VAS catches all the frequencies of the voice. This is indeed a brilliant technology, which makes it a unique device. The DSP algorithms operate in combination with a couple of microphones along with the VAS to efficiently remove unwanted noises from the surrounding.

In addition, this particular headset has a military-grade noise removal facility and invisible system of touch control. The VAS system is there to feel the speech. The magnetic USB port and the charger provide 80% charge in even less than 80 minutes and charges the apparatus completely within an hour.

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