iPhone 4 Bumper Falls Short of Competitors

Our iPhone 4 Bumper price prediction was off by $0.99 cents. Our last story we estimated the price of the Bumpers to be $29.99 by Apple.  The actual price is 29.00 which is a bold move, however Apple is not being fair to the consumer by charging 29.00 for a rubber-silicone case that costs under one dollar per unit in production.

The most worthy pound for pound opponent to take on Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper cases are Gadget Guard’s very own Full Body Protector. This stuff is manufactured by the finest water soluble base coating that gives you the best chance of leaving no sticky residue behind if you ever remove it from the iPhone 4. The material of the Full Body Protector comes directly from the military, as they used it to protect their equipment from the harshest conditions in the world. Guaranteed to last the full lifespan you intend to use your iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4 Full Body Guard & Screen ProtectorApple iPhone 4 Full Body Guard Protector Retail Package

The iPhone 4 Bumper case boasts a minimalist design, opposed to any other TPU or Silicone material cases you can get.  However, the serious lack of protection to the rear of the iPhone 4 comes into play. When our customers ask for protection, we will give you something more than a Bumper case that is nothing more than a wristband is to your wrist.

The Premium TPU soft case comes in Blue, Clear, Pink and Black Smoke colors. Provides excellent iPhone 4 protection with its form-fitting thermoplastic polyurethane construction and convenient direct access to the iPhone features. The flexi-clear mold showcases a stylish circular pattern design on the rear side of the case. The case is ultra thin and adds bulk no more than an iPhone 4 Bumper would. Experience full access to your ports and your screen for full accessibility. This is a must have accessory for every iPhone 4 user.

iPhone 4 TPU Soft Case (Translucent Blue)iPhone 4 TPU Soft Case (Translucent Clear)iPhone 4 TPU Soft Case (Translucent Pink)iPhone 4 TPU Soft Case (Translucent Smoke)

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