iPhone 4/4S Power Cases: Naztech Power Case w/ Kickstand vs. Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review

Are you are confused between the many battery life enhancers available for your iPhone 4/S?  The two top options which help you up the performance of your iPhone battery are the Naztech Power Case w/Kickstand and the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. If you are on the look out for more iPhone 4/4S accessories come by Techie Warehouse.


Naztech MFi 1450mAh Power Case w/ Kickstand for Apple iPhone 4/4SIf you have to travel a lot and do not have the patience to charge your phone for hours, try the Naztech Power Case w/ Kickstand for iPhone 4/4S. Not only is the Case light, weighing only 53.5 g, it also packs some punch. The Case includes a built-in battery which promises to add almost double to your exiting battery life. Even while you are on the move, you can use your iPhone, not just for your business applications, but even to play games and listen to music. This case promises overcharge protection which is another reason behind shortening an iPhone’s battery life. The kickstand allows the phone to enjoy battery power as well as stand in a convenient angle. Battery covers like this one also help the phone battery to stay cool and hence last longer.


Mophie iPhone 4/4S Juice Pack Plus - CyanIf you want more battery power you can even opt for the iPhone 4/4s Mophie Juice Pack Plus. Whether you are on the go, or do not want your iPhone to run down, this is the answer to your battery problems. The Mophie Juice Pack is sheer solid but yet soft to touch. It is a slider case but ergonomically designed battery case offers complete protection to your phone. It is the ultimate firewall against battery run-downs. Now for some of its unique features: the toggle switch is simple and allows you to change between charging and stand-by modes. The battery charges faster with the aid of its 500 milliamps technology. The pack includes a USB cable which allows you double benefits: you can charge as well as sync your phone simultaneously. As for its looks, the rubber- finish case comes with a band which is shock-resistant. You get to choose from a variety of colors like black, yellow, magenta and cyan. The user manual instructs you on how to use the Pack most effectively. It does add bulk to your iPhone, but it is sure worth all of that and more.

The run-down batteries become a history and even if you use a 3G connection, you need not fret over the battery’s life anymore. What makes it still better is the acoustic sound enhancement with its fuller sound quality. The LED indicator informs you about the progress during the charging process.

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