iPhone 4 Sliding Out Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case Review

Ultra thin Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Introduced for Apple iPhone4!

The ultra thin sliding Bluetooth Keyboard introduced for the iPhone 4 would free you of the trouble of making use of onscreen keyboards! The introduction of this keyboard would finally end your trouble if you had always felt annoyed about the absence of a physical keyboard, and would prove to be a great choice for you especially if you have always wanted to make use of a slide out keyboard but could not do so since on screen touch keyboards are the only option left! It pairs with the iPhone over Bluetooth, making use of wireless connectivity. The model also features a slide out QWERTY keyboard that include the Home and Search buttons. Powered by lithium chargeable batteries, this keyboard is charged with the help of a Mini USB port. The on and off switches of the system help conserve battery life. Simply snap on the Verizon or AT&T version of the iPhone 4, and pair the devices in order to get a functional QWERTY keyboard that is ready to slide whenever you wish it to!

Here are the special features of this kit:

  • Slide out QWERTY keyboard.
  • Great speed as well as typing accuracy.
  • Ability to work perfectly with any app regardless of whether it is e-mails, blogging, web browsing, calendar or notes.
  • Search as well as home buttons.
  • On/off switch that help conserve battery life.

Although, now you are provided with the option of using a slide out keyboard on your iPhone instead of the on screen version, this model also has a few drawbacks like additional depth that your keyboard would cast on your phone. However, people generally prefer the usage of slide out keyboards regardless of this. Seemingly, the advantage of using the keyboard obviously outweighs this minor drawback.


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  1. kim says:


    if i use the wireless keyboard, i wont be able to on the spelling correction, or dictionary?

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