IHOME iHM79BC Rechargeable Mini Speakers for Your iPhone 4S

IHOME iHM79BC Rechargeable Mini Speakers for Apple 4S

Whether it is getting addicted to music or that awesome game called Angry Birds, if you already own an iPhone 4S, you would never want to part with your phone. It has completely revolutionized the meaning of mobile entertainment. Of course before the innovation of this phone, people already carried music files around with them on their mobile devices, but with iPhone 4S, listening to music or watching a video has become an altogether amazing experience. HD video quality and extended memory enables makes a lot of difference. Also, with features like iCloud, you can now sync your music easily.With numerous rechargeable mini speakers in the market, it can get rather frustrating choosing the right one for your iPhone 4S. To lessen some confusion, lets take a look at one remarkable rechargeable mini speaker right now!

IHOME iHM79BC Rechargeable Mini Speakers for iPhone 4SAmongst the accessories which are recommended by Apple for the iPhone 4S is the IHOME iHM79BC Rechargeable Mini Speakers for iPhone 4S. These are mini speakers but pack quite some punch. They result in a great sound quality and are a perfect accessory for your iPhone 4S. The speakers are collapsible and that is what makes this accessory different from other generic speakers. They are even usable with your iPod. The speakers are so compact that they even fit your palm. The base is magnetic and this enables you to keep the speakers together when you carry them while traveling. They can be ideal speakers for your car, so you need not carry a bulky music player while planning a beach party or a small get-together. They come with lithium batteries which are in built and are rechargeable too.

If you are wondering what makes these small speakers so powerful, it is the way they have been designed. The speakers unique vacuum based design contributes to the powerful volume and bass quality. They even include an LED power charge indicator to tell you how much of the speaker’s battery still remains. The speakers have a rubberized painted texture and come in various colors. These speakers are recommended by Apple.

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