HTC Thunderbolt Sales Are Solid: Big Weekend for Thunderbolt Accessories

HTC Thunderbolt Sales Are Solid: Big Weekend for Thunderbolt Accessories The HTC Thunderbolt has been received well by people across the globe. A huge number of handsets have been sold out already. In case, you have purchased a Thunderbolt for yourself, you can take a closer look at some of the latest accessories available for your Smartphone. You can pick from a range of covers and cases or look for an appropriate USB charger and adapter for your handset. Judging from our Thursday-Sunday Thunderbolt accessories sales we are seeing very strong demand for the HTC Thunderbolt since it is Verizon’s first 4G LTE network phone.


You can find a variety of Bluetooth accessories for your Thunderbolt at You can either pick Bluetooth headsets or take your pick from a range of Bluetooth adapters. also offers Bluetooth dongles and other Bluetooth accessories. Users can install these devices in their car, camera, printer and PDA.

Car Mounts & Antennas

Techiewarehouse provides a wide range of HTC Thunderbolt Car mounts & Antennas, and you can buy one depending upon the size and type you are looking for. You can either choose the Arkon Dashboard Car Mount Dock or settle for the Arkon Windshield & Dash Car Mount Dock. Motorcycle and Bike Mount Docks are also available here. You can boost the signal while inside your car to access the GPS feature of your device by simply installing a Super Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster in your vehicle.

Covers & Skin Cases also offers some of the most stylish yet protective cover cases for your Verizon Thunderbolt. You can select one among the various cases made from superior quality material. The various types of cases include Rubberized Snap on Case, which are available in different patterns including Black Skull, Blue Plaid, Pink Plaid, Pink Butterfly, Silver+Black Zebra, Hot Pink and White Autumn Flower. However, if you are looking for a soft and yet durable case, you can pick the Silicone based soft cover case for your Thunderbolt, which is available in black, purple, neon green, blue and clear frost colors.  

Mobile users can also look for more stylish and elegant cases for their Thunderbolt, which include, Cover Skin Snap on Case, “A” Carbon Fiber and “A” T-Clear. A variety of Crystal skin cases are also available in different colors such as Hot Pink, Clear Checker, Purple Checker and Smoke Checker among others.





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