HTC Thunderbolt Battery Life Tips & Tricks

HTC Thunderbolt Battery Life Tips & Tricks

A lot is being said, written and discussed about the all new HTC Thunderbolt. The device incorporates some of the finest features and offers faster internet speed. Users can enjoy as much as eight hours of talk time on a 3G network, 2.5 hours of LTE streaming and 6 hours of video playback time with their HTC Thunderbolt. However, in case you wish to enhance the battery life of your Thunderbolt, then you can make use of a bigger battery to achieve the same. HTC is offering a high capacity extended battery for the Thunderbolt but it is only 1400 mAh.

If you want to try a battery with a bigger capacity, Thunderbolt HTC OEM 2750 mAh extended life battery offers twice the capacity of Thunderbolt’s built-in 1400 mAh unit. This new battery can make your phone about an ounce heavier in comparison to the existing 6.5 ounces. This requires a new battery back door, which makes the phone deeper as well. There will also be a desktop dock, which will be available for $59.99. This dock is capable of charging both second standard and the phone together at a time. The Thunderbolt is also the first phone from Verizon that will support wireless charging. We are also planning to sell a Qi-compatible back door battery cover and charging pad for the device. While the back would cost about $29, the pad can be purchased for $69. In addition to this, the Naztech Extended Life Battery Pack Charger is yet another accessory that Thunderbolt users can opt for. This small sized battery is ideal for traveling and supplies 1800 mAH of power (that is power up to three times the standard battery) and can give your Thunderbolt almost two full charges before having to recharge the Battery Pack.

This battery pack can be easily rescharged from any PC or even a standard wall power outlet. You could also select the Naztech 1900mAh Micro USB Back up Battery Pack, which features an LED for indicating charge and the remaining battery life.

Keep in mind, Thunderbolt users can keep the following software tips in mind, if you would like to find new ways of extending your handsets battery life.

Disable Adobe Flash: Since Adobe flash consumes a lot of battery life, it is only advisable that Thunderbolt users make changes in the browser settings so that Flash loads only when it is instructed to.

Adjust display brightness to automatic: Users can turn down the brightness level and switch to automatic adjustment setting. This will help you enhance your gadget’s battery life. The screen is a major power drain on the battery.

Turn off hardware features: Given that today’s phones offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, Thunderbolt users must remember that in order to enhance their battery life, they must make use of such features only when required, and turn them off when they do not need them. Use the power control widget to turn on/off your GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Make less use of home screen widgets: You can remove some of the widgets from the home screen of your gadget if you don’t really need them. So, go right ahead and check out a range of batteries being offered by and enhance the battery life of your Thunderbolt today!

While most people will say what is the point of even owning the Thunderbolt if you have to disable so many features? Consider power to be unforgiving sometimes but when you have it, you can’t get enough of it. Just consider buying an extended battery pack to maximize your Thunderbolt all day long. Let us know of any possible ideas you may have to help maximize the life of the HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon Wireless.

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