HTC HD2 Battery Life Tips & Tricks

By Kevin Robert Kennedy

Android can run simultaneous apps, which is nice, except that it drains battery fast. Most tips revolve around minimizing the amount of software running at a time. Following the following tips for increased battery performance.

1. Widget animation off.

2. Keep Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS turned off when not in use (Start>Settings>connections folder>Wi-Fi>off).

3. Static background, not live. Uses too much unnecessary processing power.

4. Turn off network roaming.

5. Advanced Task Killer download: immediately shuts down all background apps at the push of a button, much more convenient than the normal procedure for doing so.

6. Brightness down.

Naztech “Phantom” car charger: plugs into micro USB like factory charger, but is much faster and better looking. Built with LED to indicate when charging. Strong chrome and piano-black finish.

Naztech N300 travel charger: Charges through car (DC), wall (AC), and computers (USB). Comes with adapters for first two and USB cable. Fast and powerful, very portable. Allows use of device while charging. Extra-long cord. Perfect for travelers or people who need constant use of their phone, even while on the go.

Naztech N301 Extended Life Battery Pack Charger: 3 mAH of power in a palm-sized device. Plugs in through micro USB cable. Rechargeable lithium battery with built-in flashlight, voltage regulator and power indicator. Adds up to 12 additional hours of talk time for smart phones and 40 hours of audio on mp3 players. Recharges from wall outlet or car. Great for long trips, or visiting areas where an outlet may not be available.

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