HTC EVO 4G OtterBox Series Cases Review

Welcome to our OtterBox HTC EVO 4G cases review. Right now the OtterBox HTC EVO 4G Series are currently unavailable from OtterBox’s website. However, we are currently taking Pre-Orders and giving out a special coupon code for 8% off just for reading our blog. Use Coupon Code: OTTER8 at your checkout and save! Any questions please feel free to contact us.

OtterBox EVO 4G Defender Series:

Consider protecting your HTC EVO 4G with the OtterBox Defender Series which is dubbed the toughest case in the world! Manufactured with a top of the line polycarbonate inner layer and coating the exterior with a durable but comfortable silicone. This case gives maximum protection against nicks, dust and accidental drops. Best of all a built-in touch screen protection system. Please note that this case does not protect against water.

HTC EVO 4G OtterBox Defender Series

Available for Pre-Order Now

OtterBox EVO 4G Commuter Series:

The Commuter case is considered the sister of the Defender case. The Commuter series will give you the protection the average person seeks. The commuter is slender but still boats a durable tri-layer protection system. They say big things come in small packages.  A silky outer layer makes this case relatively easy to work with putting it into your pocket, handbag or purse.

HTC EVO 4G OtterBox Commuter Series

Available for Pre-Order Now

OtterBox Evo 4G Impact Series:

The Impact case is a distant cousin of the Defender & Commuter Series. Many of our customers are frustrated with the poor quality of Silicone skin protection due to it’s inability to provide the adequate levels of protection needed. However, the OtterBox Impact Series has put the ball back in their court. Winning the hearts of our customers the Impact Series Silicone skin design is manufactured differently than the others. The special inner core layer reduces impact by more than 60%, opposed to the average Silicone skin. There is no place like home with the OtterBox Impact skin for HTC Evo 4G.

HTC EVO 4G OtterBox Impact Series

Available for Pre-Order Now

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