HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Tips & Tricks

by Erin Jones, TW Editor

HTC EVO 4G Battery Life Tips & Tricks

The HTC EVO 4G has received great reviews for it’s huge luxurious screen and great display, the build being light and solid, it’s amazing 8 mega pixel camera, perfect for Twitpic or Facebook, and running on the Android system.  There is one slight downfall which some will say kills the EVO 4G’s appeal: the battery life. The battery life is horrible, even with the GPS, WiFi and 4G turned off, the phone will lose one third of the battery just sitting overnight. Regardless of downloading the Advanced Task Killer and setting it to aggressive to kill running apps in your phones memory every hour, the phone will still only get about 10 hours of run time at the most.

There are many various ways the user of the EVO 4G can help to improve the quality of the battery life and keep their phone running for a longer period of time, here are a few of our suggestions:

1. Disable ‘the always’ on mobile data. This is one of the BIGGEST battery savers.
2. Lower screen brightness.
3. Turn off 4G, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth when you don’t need them as well as disabling the WiFi and 4G network notifications.
4. Lower the screen timeout interval: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minute, 10 minute or never.
5. Manually turn off the screen when not in use.
6. Disable wireless network location services when not needed.
7. Turn off window animations.
8. Don’t use a live wallpaper, this is one of the new features of this phone but this also drains the battery fairly fast; use a static wallpaper instead.
9. Change WiFi sleep policy, leaving WiFi on when the EVO isn’t being used and the screen is off is actually better than letting it sleep.
10. Choose your home screen applications carefully. The applications that are used to access the internet and update information will use a lot of battery if not managed well.

Besides the little suggestions that can be done on the phone itself to help the battery life, we also recommend a few products that go along with the HV EVO 4G which can be purchased to extend the life of the battery:

1. Micro USB Super Car Travel Charger for HTC EVO 4G: has the ability to provide a lightning quick charge, the Phantom is the most powerful car charger ever created. It blows away your typical standard factory OEM charger in charging time. The Phantom sports an attractive, piano black finish with chrome accents, and it also features a blue LED that illuminates through a laser etched, logo when charging. The Phantom offers the finest in utility and fashion for the modern professional on the go.

Micro USB Super Car Travel Charger for HTC EVO 4G
Sale Price: $14.99

2.  Extended life battery pack charger: Ideal for long flights, outdoor activities and long road trips, the high capacity Naztech n301is a compact lithium polymer power source for charging your cell phone, SmartPhone, iPod, iPad, PDA, digital camera, eReader and most of other USB input devices. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet provides up to 3 times the standard battery! What completes this device is the built-in flashlight to find your way around the dark and a convenient built in battery indicator that lets you know how much battery power is left. The n301 battery pack can be recharged from any computer USB port or a standard wall power outlet in addition to any standard vehicle adaptor.

Extended Life Battery Pack Charger for HTC EVO 4G
Sale Price: $36.99

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  1. Jan says:

    The Mugen Power Batteries website just update the extended battery for HTC Evo,
    have to get the 1800mAh for more battery life for my Evo, hope it can improve more time for me using it.
    the original battery life time terrible!

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