HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Defender Case Coming Soon


HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Defender Case SeriesIf you are have a mobile that packs your social and professional life together, wrapping it into a hot 4G device in the market, now is the right time to get a case for you. Apart from intensifying the look of your phone, these cases would also work in protecting your phone from dirt as well as the wear and tears that your phone is susceptible to, regularly. You can keep your cell phone safe by making use of rugged Otterbox Defender Series for HTC EVO 3D. The HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Defender Case boast of a polycarbonate shell with built in screen protectors. This Defender case also boasts of a quality silicone skin that wraps around your phone, thereby ensuring it exceptional shock absorption capacity. This also brings for you, holster belt clip, apt at helping you with carrying your device. You can browse through our website if you are on the lookout for Defender cases.

The Otterbox Defender Series for HTC EVO 4G is an extremely stylish but at the same time, a durable case that comes with 3 protective layers. Now, let me enumerate a little on the protective layers as well as their functions. The first layer of this Otterbox Defender series comes with a protective clear membrane. This would help in protecting your keyboard of scratches, and also acts as a protective membrane, providing protection against dust. The second membrane of this series is a Hi Impact polycarbonate shell. This membrane acts as an additional protective layer, protecting your phone of shocks and drops. This third layer of the Otterbox Defender Series for HTC EVO 4G boast of a good quality silicone skin, apt at absorbing bumps and shocks.

Apart from keeping your cellphone safe, the Defender series would also ensure your HTC EVO 4G a great look. The buttons remain fully functional even if you are using this case and you can very easily gain access to the essential devices like USB, micro SD ports, camera, light sensor, volume keys, power key, light sensor, microphone, and the earpiece. The case also boasts of a ratcheting belt clip along with this device.

If you are on the lookout for ideal protection for your HTC EVO 3D smartphone, this case could be the perfect choice for you.


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