HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Case: Defender, Commuter & Impact Series Review

HTC EVO 3D Otterbox Case: Defender, Commuter & Impact Series Review

Mobile phone users are well aware of the fact that a sturdy and innovative case helps in enhancing the looks of your gadget and at the same time, also help in safeguarding your device from drops, dents and dirt.

Here are some fabulous cases that you can purchase to better protect your all new HTC EVO 3D:

HTC EVO 3D Defender Series Case: Although strong EVO 3d cases are rather hard to locate, which is why, Otterbox has come out with some wonderful cases for the gadget. The OtterBox Defender Series for HTC EVO 3D would prove to be the perfect choice for you if you are seeking hardcore protection. This case consists of a smash resistant shell and a touch screen protector. It also comes with a silicone skin in the exterior that helps in protecting your HTC EVO 3D from accidental drops. Few plugs that are very easy to use, have also been incorporated in this model in order to keep its ports, free of dirt and dust.

HTC EVO 3D Commuter Series Case: If you are on lookout for fashionable HTC EVO 3D cases that can also protect your device, then OtterBox Commuter Series for HTC EVO 3D is surely meant for you. The OtterBox Commuter Series for HTC EVO 3D is essentially a very slim case that guards your cellphone against shocks and harmful bumps. In addition to this, the smooth outer finish of this model allows your phone to slip in or out of pocket, easily. The silicone plugs are also instrumental in keeping off dirt, debris or any other dust particles of the ports of your phone.

HTC EVO 3D Impact Series Case: The OtterBox Impact Series for HTC EVO 3D comes with a coring in the interior of case that allows your phone to avoid shocks. Besides, it comes with self-adhering screen protectors that help in keeping the screen of your gadget, ding free. These cases are 100 percent functional and offer access to all the buttons and features of your cellphone.

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