HTC Droid Incredible Verizon Tip: Seidio Extended Battery Review

If you have been using a HTC Droid Incredible handset and wish to enhance its battery life, then you can purchase an extended battery for it. This is especially true for those who use their cell phones for indulging in heavy usage and lengthy talk time. Therefore, you can either get a 2700mAh Extended Life Battery & Door Cover for your HTC Droid Incredible or opt for Seidio Innocell HTC Incredible Extended Battery with Door. While the Droid Incredible’s battery performance has always been a poor contender, the extended battery will certainly get them through the day. Take a look at the specifications and features of both the batteries.

2700mAh Extended Life Battery & Door Cover

This particular battery can help you enhance the battery life of your cell phone.  They are essentially superior quality Japanese Li-polymer Extended Batteries that offer twice the capacity of a regular battery. They are manufactured with superior quality cells and offer the ultimate quality, performance and safety. It also includes an XT battery door which is made from durable plastic and has all the required cutouts (for speakers and cameras) that offers an amazing fit. It allows you to use your mobile phone with heavy data and phone usage. You can also listen to your favorite videos and music extensively and the battery will not drain.

Seidio Innocell HTC Incredible Extended battery with Door

You can also get a Seidio Innocell HTC Incredible Extended battery with Door. This is essentially a large sized (3500mAh) capacity Innocell Extended Life battery which has been designed especially for those people who travel frequently and cannot reach out to a charger always. It has as much as 133% more capacity when compared to an original battery, and is available with a replacement door that is black in colour. You can use this battery conveniently for heavy data and phone usage. However, you must remember that the life of a battery also depends on the network configuration and usage patterns among other factors.

This battery is made from superior quality Japanese cells and it is also does not add to the size of your handset. So, if you don’t like having cases that makes your phone look bulky, you can easily opt for this particular battery. Your phone will always remain charged and you can carry it easily wherever you go. The best part about purchasing this battery is that it is compatible with Desktop Charging Cradles and Seidio Holsters.

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