Motorola Defy Battery Life Quick Tips & Tricks

Motorola Defy is one of those amazing handsets that have been designed especially for all those who have a tendency to let the phone slip from the hand. This is one of the most durable handsets in it genre and the name is apt for this set to be a rogue mobile amongst all the delicate ones. Motorola Defy has been aptly named for its durability and yet it is one of the most amazingly useful devices that you can have. However it has been noticed that the battery life becomes fairly less than what can be expected out of it. There are many reasons for it. First of all, the battery gets used up primarily because of some ‘always on’ applications. For example, if you do not switch off the Bluetooth, GPS and the 4G services when not is use, then the battery power gets consumed in maintaining these applications in their switched on mode. Also there might be the animated screen saver that might be there which also consumes extra battery power. Using a wall paper that is static reduces the loss of power.

There might be many gaming applications which use up immense graphic resources. The more these applications are used, the more the battery power is consumed and hence the lesser is the battery life. There are some always on features on the mobile. If you do not use these features then switching them off is going to be of tremendous help. The always-on features in the mobile are the ones which use up most of the battery life. Then another factor that matters and is overlooked is the default screen display brightness. Most of the times, the screen is brighter than required and hence more battery power is used. Reducing the brightness helps in preserving more power.

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