Motorola Droid Pro Battery Life Quick Tips & Tricks

Motorola Droid Pro Battery Life Tips & TricksThe Droid Pro from Motorola is an incredible handset for all those professionals and businessmen who would want all their information on the move. This is one of those remarkable mobile phones that has made its mark as a phone for the pros with all the applications that help one stay connected with acquaintances and associates very easily. This is the phone that helps you work hard and play harder. With all these loaded applications that help you work smoothly and efficiently, the phone is a handy gadget. However there might be times when you would have seen that the battery drains away much before the estimated time. This is not because of anything wrong with the battery.

It is the usage of applications which many a times are always on and therefore use up the battery power. For example, the screen brightness is one of the factors that affect the battery power. The brighter the screen, the more the battery used and vice versa. This is one of the features that go unnoticed. Reduction of the default brightness of the screen helps in enhancing the battery life of the mobile. You can use an extended battery pack and yet the results will be below par. This might be because one tends to keep the 4G services and the WiFi connection always on. There are times that the Bluetooth service is always on without us noticing it. All of these contribute to reducing the battery life. If you switch off all these services when not in use, then you will be able to save a lot of battery power. If you do not use an animated wall paper then too you save a lot of battery power. Using a static wall paper helps in reducing the extra battery power. Turning off applications not in use is the best way to save power.

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