How Brave is your iPhone 3G-S?


The Brave, Yet Unprotected iPhone 3GS

The brave iPhone 3G-S goes through more than the average worst case scenarios than people realize on a rainy day.  Consider the accidental drop onto the pavement as you step out of the car, the keys or coins in your pocket, the spilling of coffee on your desk watching the liquid slowly absorb underneath and much more that shall not be said.  Might be a good idea to spend the extra $15.00 and get a screen protector & skin case.

The new Skin Case for the Apple iPhone 3G-S gives you enough protection, yet staying out of your way.  The soft and thin silicone material adds a considerable “grip” to the otherwise unprotected iPhone 3G-S.  Less likely to drop from your hands, or let alone skitter across your desk.  Best of all there is complete access to all your openings: camera, earphone jack, charge/hotsync port & etc.  There is a great combination of color and feel with solid protection for the finish.  Minus the screen.

There is nothing better than a good quality screen protector.  Over time an unprotected screen will get nicks, scratches and dings.  Yet you have a year left on your contract and you’re stuck with a scratched up screen for another year.

Overall, iPhone 3G-S experts have dubbed the skin case & a screen protector the top two most important products on your shopping list when purchasing a new iPhone 3G-S.

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    This is Awesome! Thank you.

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