Grab Your NoiseHush Headset for Your New Samsung Nexus S, GT-i9020!

Some years back mobile phones were only meant to make or receive calls. However, in today’s world a mobile phone is not just a simple call making/receiving gadget but much more than this. It acts as a store house of music for fervent music lovers. All the melodious tunes are stored up in your latest Samsung Nexus S, GT-i9020 and whenever you get time or opportunity, you switch on your favorite track and enjoy the music. Now, it is essential to possess a proper headset so that you can listen to crisp clear music.

NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-Fi Bass Sonic Headset, for Samsung Nexus S, GT-i9020 NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree 3.5mm Hi-Fi Bass Sonic Headset, for Samsung Nexus S, GT-i9020 uniquely designed to provide you with super sound and accuse clarity. Generally, ordinary headsets are unable to produce clear bass sound. NoiseHush Headset is technically crafted to reproduce clear bass sound. Therefore, you are able to hear every note and tune of your favorite track. The special noise isolation technique of this headset reduces extra noise or sound. Now you can listen to clear melodies even in a crowded place. The entire pack is provided with ear plugs of three different sizes – small, medium and large. The different sizes enable any person to use this headset without any difficulty. An exclusive neckband provides additional during sports or other workout sessions. The presence of send-end button, tangle-free cable, inline microphone and a jack of 3.5mm make this headset popular among the users. The headset pack also provides a trendy pouch that is used to carry your accessory.

So, if you are still using your old headset just change to NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree Headset. The sleek design and superb technique ideally suits your latest Samsung Nexus S, GT-i9020. Apart from pink, this headset is also available in other shades like black and white. So grab your headset today!

You can get NoiseHush NX50 Handsfree Headset, other Samsung Nexus S, GT i9020 accessories, or any other mobile device accessories, come on by Techie Warehouse now!

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