Gift Guide: Top 3 Apple iPhone 4/4S Cases & Covers for Men

Some men are very selective when it comes to purchasing iPhone 4/4s accessories. With so much of engineering, hard work and creativity being used for crafting an iPhone, its user will dare not use it recklessly. It is because of this reason that users of Apple iPhone 4/4S seek cases and covers that are capable of offering ultimate protection and style at the same time. While a number of companies are manufacturing cases for iPhone, men who wish to make a wise and careful selection can always consider the top 3 Apple iPhone 4/4S cases and covers listed here or share this story with your significant other.

The good thing about these cases is that it is capable of protecting your costly iPhone from any sorts of damages, including drops, dust and dirt. So, before you come to a conclusion, it would be a great idea for you to take a closer look at the cases and covers discussed here:


Be A HeadCase Bottle & Can Opener for Apple iPhone 4/4S – Black

What sets this particular case apart from others is the fact that it also comes with a stainless steel bottle opener. Men who are looking to party with their friends and booze till the last drop, won’t mind investing in this case at all. This particular case offers form fitting and comes with a really cool feature (anti-slip feature). So, go ahead and hold your iPhone fearlessly in your hands, for the case will ensure that it does not slip out of your hand under any condition. Made from high-quality and long-lasting ABS protective plastic, this case also allows a user to access all the features of their gadget without any difficulty. So, if you are worried whether you will be able to access the cool and trendy touchscreen and ports of your iPhone, once you slip it into this case, then no need to panic at all. This case gives you all that flexibility and much more. It is essentially a sealed case that is moisture proof and comes with an exterior that is coated with rubber.


Skinnies SnapOn Cover & Screen ProtectorSkinnies SnapOn Cover & Screen Protector for iPhone 4/4S

If you do not wish to add bulk to your iPhone, then you can pick this case as it is very sleek and measure less than 1mm. Along with the case, users are also given a screen protector so that they can add more protection for their device. This case offers protection from drops and scratches and is very durable. This beauty of this case is that it allows you to access all the external features of your iPhone such as the charger, camera and other ports.


Scosche iPhone 4/4S SwitchBack Case – Black, Blue & Chrome

Men looking for truly advanced and exceptional case for their iPhone 4/4S can opt for the Scosche’s SwitchBack case. It is crafted from polycarbonate and comes with interchangeable backs for your gadget. It comes with a kickstand back that allows business users and professional to indulge into video conferencing and view media and photos in landscape mode. You can safely use this kickstand to lay your gadget on the table and also ensure that it is always protected from scratches and drops. It also allows for easy access of different controls, ports and connections.

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