Get the New BlueAnt S4 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Car Speakerphone for Samsung Galaxy W18150!

Mostly while driving your car, you are faced with the problem of receiving your important phone calls. The rules do not allow you to use your Samsung Galaxy W18150 while driving and at times, it is extremely difficult to park your car at the side of the road. Some people hate wearing a Bluetooth headphone, as that appears burdensome. Therefore, in order to get rid of all these problems it is better to use a Bluetooth Car Speakerphone.

This particular device can be attached to the sun visor of your car, therefore it ensures uninterrupted and convenient conversation. Your voice process is enough to receive or make calls through this device. The accessory is equipped with special ‘Text to Speech’ technique that informs you about the identity of the respective caller. Most people use their mobile phone as a storehouse of their podcasts or favorite tunes and love to hear the music while driving their cars. A car Bluetooth Speakerphone is equipped with special A2DP technique that ensures uninterrupted flow of clear melodious music. Thus, it can be seen that a car Bluetooth Speakerphone is beneficial in a number of ways.

BlueAnt S4 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Car Speakerphone for the Samsung Galaxy W 18150BlueAnt S4 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Car Speakerphone for the Samsung Galaxy W 18150 can be suitably used with your phone.  Apart from the above features, this particular accessory is provided with a hi-tech speaker that enables clear clarity and accurate precision. Moreover, the special noise isolation technique enables the user to use this device even while driving through a very crowded and noisy road. Once charged this device provides a talk time of twenty hours and a standby time of seven hundred hours. The pack contains two visor clips, a micro USB cable adapter, and an instruction manual for the users. One of the greatest advantage of this accessory is it hoards about two thousand contact (phone book) entries with each paired gadget.

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