Extended Battery & Door for the LG Revolution

Extended Battery & Door for the LG Revolution

Are you annoyed with ending your day on empty batteries? Are you denied your regular dosage of talking or texting due to battery problems? You can ensure a few steps if you want to ensure your battery a long life.

Switch off your mobile: Will you answer calls at 4am? If you do, its fine, but is there any point keeping your LG Revolution switched on if you are in a subway that enjoys little or no reception? Turn it off if you are not using your model. This will help you to prolong the battery life, and allow you to continue texting and gossiping a few extra hours without the need of getting this model charged.

Stop vibrating: Do not put your LG Revolution in vibration mode if you are traveling through an extremely busy area with your LG Revolution in your back pocket.

Do not waste your battery playing games: Remember that the gadget that you are using is not a PSP but a phone. Although games may be fun on the LG Revolution, play as little as possible if you want to save its battery for essential work later on.

Use headsets: Use headsets with cords. Headsets use lesser energy compared to Bluetooth devices or the speakers of your phone. They are also comparatively less harmful for your health.

Switch off your Bluetooth: Unless you are using the tiny Bluetooth headset, disable your Bluetooth. If you keep your Bluetooth switched on, it will constantly search for signals and in the process, drain your battery completely. The same is also true for GPS and WiFi.

Dissuade yourself from flashing your battery away:  Although pictures taken with the flash appear better, remember that using your flash will drain your battery to a large extent. So, it is better to refrain from using the flash too often.

Do not use a bright screen: Go in for lighter screen brightness. Bright screens drain your battery, and at the same time, do not look good.

Use desktop chargers: Most of us prefer to put our cell phone on the desk while we are busy working. You can charge your model while you are working on your PC. You can also bring a charger to your office and charge your phone.

Last but definitely not the least, you can use the LG VS910 Revolution 2900mAH Extended Battery w/ Door to increase the longevity of your LG Revolution battery. Let us go through the features of this model now:

  • Genuine LG accessory
  • Lightweight
  • High capacity 2900mA Li ion
  • Includes a battery door.

This extended battery door will allow you to extend the life of the battery of your model and you will not even be required to bring about any adjustments in your regular habit of playing games or speaking through your Bluetooth headset!

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