Extended Battery Cases Slowly Becoming the Industry Standard for HTC Thunderbolt & EVO 3D


Extended Battery Cases Slowly Becoming the Industry Standard for HTC Thunderbolt & EVO 3D I am sure that you are already aware of the immense requirement of battery cases in order to help preserve your battery from falling down as well as protecting it from daily wear and tear. Let us go through the top cases that are in the market today for the HTC ThunderboltHTC EVO 3D.

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Convert Extended Combo Case for HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery 2750 mAh: Are you in possession of a single phone but own multiple cases for different uses? You can now be self sufficient with the help of a single case by using this convertible case. For everyday usage, you are advised to use the first layer – Innocase Extended. In case you think you would be subjecting your phone to rugged or tough circumstances, use the Extended Rugged Skin and Skeleton. Make use of the locking holster in order to hold your phone in a secure position. If you feel that you do not need such protection, simply remove the Rugged Skin and Skeleton and make use of just the Innocase Extended case. This combo also includes the Ultimate Screen Guard, Innocase Extended Rugged Holster, Extended Rugged Skin and skeleton and Innocase Extended, making this a complete package.

Ultimate screen guard

  • 0.1mm in thickness and retain touch screen clarity and sensitivity.
  • Made of high quality Japanese film.
  • Great surface hardness that come with a 3H hardness rating.
  • Perfect design that ensures a commendable fit in your device.

Innocase Extended

  • A sleek case that ensures protection from scratches.
  • Free of any extra bulk.
  • Designed from hard and flexible material.
  • Simple snap-on design that makes removal as well as installation a whole lot easier.
  • Nice cut outs for the ports, camera, kickstand, and the controls.
  • Designed to be used with the ThunderBolt™ Extended Battery 2750 mAh.


Extended rugged skin and skeleton

  • A silicone case that fit into Innocase Extended.
  • Controls are covered in order to make the device fully functional.
  • Ports remain easily accessible as they have silicone covers. It can be opened very easily.
  • Presence of a plastic case that helps in providing extra protection.


Innocase Extended rugged holster

  • Helps in holding your phone.
  • Presence of swivel clips that allow you to position your cellphone in seven different ways.

Seidio HTC Thunderbolt SURFACE Extended Combo: This includes a SURFACE™ Extended holster and a SURFACE™ Extended case. Although this is designed especially for the OEM Thunderbolt™ Extended Battery 2750 mAh, this can also be used with the Seidio Innocell 3200 mAh Extended Battery.

Seidio HTC Thunderbolt ACTIVE Extended Combo: This includes an ACTIVE™ holster and an ACTIVE™ Extended case. The Extended case help protect your HTC Thunderbolt and Extended battery of scratches and drops.


  • The interior casting is made up of impact absorbing polymer.
  • Presence of a top clip that allow easier access.
  • Presence of belt clips that help swivel in upto 7 directions.
  • Exterior skeleton help provide for extra protection in the impact points.

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